Our Team

Cathy Hewett  - Owner/Manager - QLD 

With travel as a passion in her life, Cathy has been lucky enough to travel considerably with her family of 4 children.

With Asia so close, their travel has involved Bali, Phuket, Penang, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.  Her kids have loved all destinations and realise there are many more for them to visit. With their oldest daughter spending a year living in London, Cathy needed no excuse to travel over for a month to look around and enjoy some of Europe’s great locations.  These included Paris (and Disneyland Paris), Barcelona and a wonderful cruise around the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Cathy has also visited Egypt, Dubai and the USA and Fiji. Travelling with little ones and then those that grow up to be adults has always given her great joy and provided many challenges. Planning travel adventures is always such a great part of any trip and she has had many experiences on the ‘frontline’, so knowing the little things that make travelling with children easier is her Number One priority.

Jodie Yopp - Travel Consultant - QLD 

  Looking for that perfect holiday that no one else can find then Jodie is your travel specialist.  With over 30 years experience in the customer service Industry and 16 of those in travel industry her experience out shines so many others.

Jodie loves all travel styles but prides herself on her cruising knowledge & experiences. Having had time cruising on so many different cruising styles from Feluccas down the Nile in Egypt to 5 star luxury cruise ships and European River Cruises, Jodie is able to assists you in arranging the perfect holiday for you.

Not only has Jodie experience so much cruising but extensive travel throughout the world is surpassed by few. Norfolk Island, Bali, Phuket , Bangkok, Italy, United Kingdom and Scotland are just a few of the countries she has experienced.  South Africa, Russia, France, Turkey and more - the list goes on and on.

Having so much travel experience around the World Jodie is able to assist you with the smallest details to make sure your holiday is one to remember forever.  From airport transfers & lounge access to full itinerary Canadian tours, Jodie is here to help.

Jodie prides herself in being able to match the right holiday experience to the right client so why not let Jodie help arrange your next holiday.

Jacinta Lane - Travel Consultant - QLD

Jacinta joined our team in mid-2017. With a love of travel she enjoys immersing herself in clients itineraries and arranging the smaller details, to make her clients holiday experience memorable. 

Jacinta is always keeping her product knowledge up-to-date, and has visited 17 countries including Japan, the UK, New Zealand, Thailand and Fiji. 

Sky Gander - Mobile Travel Consultant - QLD 

  Sky has been immersed in the travel and leisure industry for over 19 years in one way or another. She has trapesed around over 25 countries and several continents to date. The birth of her two sons hasn't stopped the travel, only modified it - planning family travel can be challenging yet immensely satisfying. Sky has travelled extensively throughout Asia, much of Europe and is a CLIA Cruise Line Ambassador.

Sky can be contacted on 0407 575 825 or via her Facebook page Take a Gander Travel.

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